Out of sheer boredom, here are the blog (my blog’s) stats as of this posting. I really don’t pay close attention to them, so it shall be interesting.

Here they are:

Blog created: August 17, 2009

Total views to date: 4,072

A little under 1/3rd of the total views have been refers, which, I assume means the other ~2/3rds comes from people checking via bookmarks. If so, I’m flattered!

Posts made: 98

Top 5 referrers:

  1. – 736
  2. – 435
  3. – 165
  4. – 117
  5. – 98

Top 5 posts:

  1. Whats missing?
  2. H&K vs. ???, plus more
  3. Tactical?
  4. Mew!
  5. Wow, just, wow

Most popular search terms:

  3. mouse guns .25 auto
  4. 1908 vp
  5. reporting lost firearm texas

Cellphones I’ve broken: 3

Comments: 145

Spam filter: Akismet has protected your site from 64 spam comments.

Reader emails received: 15

People helped: 1

Bloggers I’ve met: 0 [ :( ]

All I can say, is wow. I’m amazed. However, I know thats thanks to you, dear reader, and to the other bloggers out there!


9 Responses to “Bored”

  1. 0 Bloggers met?!?! So, drop me a line and we’ll meet for some range time. if you’re aywhere near Austin/Bryan/Houston it would be an easy thing.

  2. I live an hour south of Austin (a little over 60 miles to be exact). I’ll shoot ya an email.

  3. I’m not too far off either… and happen to know TXGunGeek as well.

  4. AND, you admit it in public?

  5. Well I’m one of your mysterious bookmark readers (found you thru Hsoi) We should do a central texas range day sometime :D

    • We should. I’d be up for that. I’ve got a little under 1000 rounds of .40 cal, so I certainly have the ammo to burn. ;)

  6. We already did a smaller version of a CenTex blogger range day. Well, 3 bloggers at least, the fourth couldn’t make it.
    I suspect once the temps are a bit more reasonable I want to do this again. Maybe wander down to Meyers in Elgin for lunch afterwards.

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