New owners

This is for the new owners, or those who bought a firearm for self defense and left it sitting in their nightstand for the last year.

Everything needs some kind of cleaning or maintenance. You change your car’s oil, sweep (or vacuum) the rooms of your house, and take a shower or bath everyday to clean off the day’s grime.

Cleaning your gun should be on the same level, if not even higher. Why? You trust your life to that gun in more ways than one. One of the ways is obvious, which is home/self defense. If a bad guy breaks in, you grab for your gun. However, it has to go bang for you to stop the threat. The next way isn’t so obvious. The simple act of firing a bullet requires a lot of pressure. If it goes BOOM instead of bang, your asking for a lot of trouble. BOOM would be the sound of it exploding in your hand.

How often to clean your firearm is quite a discussion with a lot of people having differing opinions. Obviously, you should clean it after every time you shoot it. If it’s your home/self defense gun, I’d say clean it every 3-4 months. Wipe off the old oil, and apply fresh. Make sure and lightly cover the metal outside parts, such as the hammer or trigger, with oil, or buy something like a silicon polishing cloth to wipe it down with.

If you don’t know how, take it to a gun shop and get them to show you how.

The purpose of cleaning, especially for defense guns that mainly just sit around loaded, is preventing rust and keeping all the moving parts working. Plus, it’s a great way to learn your firearm, and is also the perfect way to check for bad parts, like springs.

Remember, keep it clean and it’ll keep you safe.

One Response to “New owners”

  1. Excellent advice! Far too often a gun is considered a necessary option due perhaps to events occuring to others -sometimes to ourselves- that prompted the initial purchase. As time goes by however, the recollection of the need for the purchase fades and some of us lapse into the incorrect feeling that the weapon is merely a talisman, a charm against bad things happening to us, – or others nearby. Three things should be borne uppermost in the mind regarding a tool, any tool ; it should be clean, it should be handy and finally you should pracice how to employ it.

    All the very best wishes for the New Decade,
    From Abios Khoele: Chairman; Black Gun Owners Association of South Africa

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