Why I (should) carry…

The title is a play on a series of article Bob S does, which is “Why I Carry”. I don’t have a CHL and can’t carry.

This is what happened to me this afternoon.

I went to the outlet mall in San Marcos to finish up some last-minute Christmas shopping. Loaded to bear with bags, I made the trek out to my car to get everything in my trunk and head out. As I was walking, I noticed this pimped out early 90s Caprice cruising around the parking lots. I saw it pass up several primo parking spots, but shrugged it off due to all the weight I was carrying. I got to my car, fished my keys out of my pocket, and unlocked the trunk. I set all the bags in it, and re-arranged everything to make it fit. I had just finished up, when I heard a car stop behind me. I quickly looked up, and saw the Caprice had stopped a couple cars down. A black guy and a hispanic dude got out of it, and started to walk up to me. 

One of them said hey man, watcha got there in those bags, and the other just had this shit eatin’ grin on his face. To be honest, I froze for a second as they came closer. Then something in me snapped as they got about 15 feet away. I grabbed a tire iron that was in the back and slammed my trunk shut. They both got angry and kept coming. I ran to the front of my car and yelled as loud as I could. They both ran back to their car and took off. I started shaking and couldn’t think straight. Once I pieced myself together, I called the cops. In my stupidity, I shut the trunk with my keys in it, so I couldn’t get into my car. I had to call my mom to bring the spare set so I could drive home.

That is honestly the first time in my life I wish I had a gun on me. I would’ve given anything to at least have my dinky .25.


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  2. Jay,

    I think that you did well. You had the proper situational awareness, maintained your composure and took appropriate actions. Good job young Sir.

    When you are ready to get your CHL, head up this way — I know an instructor willing to teach for a very reasonable fee.

    • How long would the class take?

      See, I’ve decided any Christmas money I get is going towards getting a CHL. The real eye opener was I could’ve legally carried in every store I went to, but didn’t, simply because I didn’t have a CHL.

      The problem is, I’m about 4 hours south of Dallas. That’s quite a hump back and forth for a couple Saturdays. If it was a day or two, I could justify it.

      • Jay,

        The class is required to be 8 to 10 hours long, including qualification. It is a one day class.

        Email ma for more details.

        If you are serious, go to the Texas DPS website and start the registration process. Wait until you get your packet from them to get your finger prints — otherwise you have to do it again — ask me how I know that :(

        Using the website you can track the status of your application.

  3. Wandered over from Bob’s:

    .25 and a Tire Iron and I reckon they wouldn’t have approached you at all.

    Trick I learned due to a stressful experience re: keys many years ago.

    Keep an extra vehicle key(s) in your wallet. Locked keys inside never has been an issue since and if anybody makes off with my wallet, I will be dead before or as that happens, so I’m not worried about theft.

    Good show on keeping your eyes open.

    Best of luck. Stay safe.

    –Somewheres about the vicinity of Hamilton Pool in the North reaches of Hays County…I know some good CHL instructors too. We’ve been getting home invasion robberies on elderly and cripples of late since the economy tanked even out here where most everybody is armed to the teeth, FWIW.

    Hays County Last Weekend:

    12-18-09: Buda Area: Meadow Park Subdivision: 2060 Cambria: Burglary: Home under construction: Rear window broken: Appliances stolen.

    12-18-09: Buda Area: Meadow Park Subdivision: 2375 Intrepid: Burglary: Possibly left unlocked. Appliances stolen.

    12-18-09: Buda Area: Meadow Park Subdivision: 2030 Intrepid: Burglary: Unknown entry point. Appliances stolen.

    12-19-09: Buda Area: Sac-n-Pac store. FM1626 and FM 967. Attempted robbery. Suspect arrested.

    12-19-09: Dripping Springs Area: Hill Country Outdoor Power: 12014 Highway 290 East: Burglary: Storage shed entered by removing lock plate. Riding mower stolen. Owner on premises.

    12-19-09: Buda Area: 16,000 block Scenic Oak Trail: Attempted theft: Attempted to steal trailer. Owner on premises.

    12-19-09: Wimberley Area: Inwood Forest Subdivision: 100 block Link Road: Burglary: Kicked in front door:

    Money stolen.

    AS for this weekend, I’m sure everybody will remember not to advertise what nice items you received for Christmas by stacking up the empty cool things boxes for the garbage man to take away.

    Merry Safe and Secure Christmas to All.

    • Wow, I didn’t realize it was that bad. I’m about 35-40 minutes from the Buda area, and my widowed grandmother lives by herself a couple blocks away from me…….with a .410 shotgun and a .357 revolver. :D

      She used to be a prison guard for TDC, so she knows how to shoot.

      Any links/names/numbers for the CHL instructors?

      • Calvin Tidwell–Reds Indoor Range in Oak Hill/Austin is good.
        One LONG DAY. I did my last one on a Wednesday. Be there at 8am, leave around 9-10pm with a lunch break.

        You shoot for score before much of any classroom experience. Had one guy show up (YOU CAN NOT MAKE THIS UP) who hadn’t ever shot a .32ACP or greater handgun in his life…Calvin asked him if he would go fly an airplane without taking a few classes first and the GUY WAS A AIRLINE PILOT. No Joke. He rented a Kimber Custom II and actually qualified about in the middle of the class. The shooting drills required are pretty rudimentary.

        Most of the time is talking about conflict resolution and de-escalation and liabilities, as you probably know. Calvin told me to slow down, cos I used to shoot practical a lot and was distracting some of the neophytes, so doing 5 second drills in under 2 was frowned on, plus Red’s has that stupid rule about “rapid fire” whatever that is. But it’s a good class and Calvin is a LEO from Burnet County area and super careful and smart. Has most if not all of his NRA and Police Instructor Certificates as well as CHL Cert. Then at the end of the day you do fingerprints and photos.

        After that all you need is to go get your required criminal background check from DPS and proof of final disposition of ANY crime other than traffic tickets from the original courts, and you mail your money and paperwork package in to the DPS and wait 6 months (or less if you’re lucky).

  4. Sounds like you did well.

    Bob S’s offer is good, but hey… just down here in our Central Texas area you should check out Tom Schaefer:


  5. Ex-APD-yours, Current PD Instructor-Mine, there are a lot of qualified people and we all have our friends.

    Fair enough?

    Probably be more useful for people to post who the bad ones are ;-)
    …except that’s rude and possibly slanderous.

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