Christmas songs!

With it being that time of the year, you always hear christmas carols.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Police Stop My Car by Bob Rivers:

Don’t worry about the pictures, it just so happened to be the best version I could find.

12 days of Christmas by the Kenosha Police Department:

For those that have trouble understanding what some of them are saying….

  • 1 Untrained rookie
  • 2 Barney Bullets
  • 3 Pending Cases
  • 4 Jelly Donuts
  • 5 Dirty Squads
  • 6 Guns for cleaning
  • 7 Talks to Children
  • 8 Days of RADAR
  • 9 Night Assignments
  • 10 Coffee Breaks
  • 11 Lousy Lectures
  • 12 Budget Meetings

I am Santa Claus by Bob Rivers:


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