Sometimes, I don’t even know why I bother listening to the news, especially when they show firearms in a negative light.

It’s always assault rifles, machine guns, AK-47s, Izus, or cop killer rounds.

Seriously, I could take those 5 terms and make a modern day news article involving guns.

The latest one is “AR-15 assault rifle” and “military ammunition”.


3 Responses to “Bother”

  1. Jay,

    I would suggest a different approach when it comes to watching the news.

    Here are some that I’ve tried.

    Buzzed Bingo
    Make a list of the most popular buzzwords going around.
    Every time one of reporters, anchors or interviewees use one, Take a drink.
    News broadcasts become more bearable the more buzz words used.

    Think of them as a laugh track free Sitcom
    Provide your own laugh track when they get something so wrong; it’s either laugh or cry.

    • You’re going to be very drunk. ;-)

      What I’ve done to make crap more bearable lately? Give it a soundtrack of Yakety Sax. That always helps.

  2. add years to your life and QUIT WATCHING IT ALL TOGETHER!!!!

    good way to add @ least 5-10 years EZ

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