Head Up

I’m sure many of you have heard, but if not, 4 police officers were killed in Washington state today.

There have been more updates, but thats the particular article I want to link to for a reason.

I want you to put yourself in those officers shoes for a minute. Your in uniform, fixing to start your shift, so your lazily kickin’ back, drinking a cup of coffee, joking around, maybe on your department laptop checking email or filling out a report.

Sounds fun? Just relaxin’ and blowing off a little steam before you go on shift?

From the reports I’ve read, that is what killed those officers.

They didn’t have their heads up, weren’t actively involved in their surroundings, and simply weren’t paying attention. Fortunately, one of the officers did get a shot off and shot the shooter through-and-through in the abdomen.

I am very sorry for their families, but this is something we all can learn from, Police, CCW, or not. I’m sure Caleb would agree.

Keep your heads up, stay aware, and always make sure you have a quick way out. When someone starts shooting, or even before the shooting starts, this could save a lot of lives, be it you’ve got a CCW and can return fire, or you can safely get as many people out as possible.

One of the most famous police shoot outs in history, the North Hollywood bank robbery in 1997, started because a pair of patrol officers in a squad car saw the robbers enter the bank with AK47s.

The most important thing, be it CCW or not, is be an expert witness when the police arrive. We all know about firearms. Put that knowledge to good use and help end the situation that much quicker.


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