Teaching new shooters

Here is a tip I picked up from a friend of mine for those who teach new shooters, like James at Hell in a Handbasket.

This works right on pistols with flat rear sights, like my Glock and USP.

You unload the pistol, insert an empty magazine, then cock it. Make sure it is unloaded, with no round in the chamber. Place a penny or a dime on the rear sight. Now, grip your pistol naturally. Aim it like you normally would, lining up the front and rear sights. Then pull the trigger. If the coin falls while you pull the trigger, your jerking it. A smooth trigger pull won’t make the coin fall.


One Response to “Teaching new shooters”

  1. It works better on a pistol with a round barrel it takes alot more trigger control to keep the penny from dropping. but any empty/snapcap training is great!

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