TCLEOSE qual rumor

Hey gang,

I picked up a rather juicy little tip, and thought I’d share it with yall.

Rumor is going around in some law enforcement circles that TCLEOSE is looking at upping the number of qualifications an officer has to do a year. Currently, the requirements are a minimum of 50 rounds, 5 of which have to be duty ammunition, at ranges from point-blank to a maximum of 15 yards, with at least 20 rounds at or beyond seven yards, including at least one timed reload, yearly.

So instead of just doing it once a year, you have to do it twice a year. I think it’s a step in the right direction, but it still doesn’t fix the problem of most police officers only shoot about once every 4-6 months as it is.

TCLEOSE = Texas Comission on Law Enforcement Officer Safety and Education


2 Responses to “TCLEOSE qual rumor”

  1. I wish they would put more effort in the thinking aspect of the qualification rather then the physical aspect.

    I would rather see more “shoot-don’t shoot” scenarios, more “target recognition”, more threat recognition types of training.

    I think that putting lead down range is good, but want them to really be sure when to draw and fire and perhaps what’s behind the target.

    If they increase quals to twice a year; it doesn’t mean that you get officers twice as qualified.

  2. Unfortunately there is only so much they can do. The main limiting factor is budget. Most departments can’t afford stuff like simunition and other advanced simulations. Most of the training a department may do (if they even offer training) is picture/powerpoint type of stuff.

    Even when I was at the police academy, we were going to be taught firearm handling skills and the basics of “shoot-don’t shoot” scenarios.

    Which means most officers learn through “learning by doing”.

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