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Every so often, I go through this phase where I do some soul-searching and try to find my place in life, in the world, in the universe. Normally, something weird starts this phase, and well, this time is no exception. I was watching the season finale to one of my favorite shows, Top Gear, and one of the presenters named Jeremy, is driving an Aston Martin V12 Vantage, and the montage is him driving the car set to thought-provoking music. However, he does say something, and this is what sets off the whole “soul-searching” thing. He says:

What it makes me feel though, is sad. I just can’t help thinking that, thanks to all sorts of things, the environment, the economy, problems in the middle east, the relentless war on speed, cars like this will soon be consigned to the history books. I just have this dreadful, horrible feeling, that what I’m driving here, is an ending.

There are several things that I have noticed that makes me feel like the greatness that once was is slipping away. I’m not sure if it’s me getting older, or just, the world is changing. Is one era ending and another beginning? Is this the beginning of the end? Is life, society, and our way of doing things changing, for better or for worse?

I mean, look at things just in the world of firearms. Ammo used to be plentiful and cheap. Now, you buy whatever you can because your not sure if there will be more next time. Gun shows are flooded with first time buyers, and I mean grown adults not kids, because violence is brewing in the shadows. Just in my city and my county, home invasions and robbery is skyrocketing.

Trust is seriously faltering in the government. I mean sure, most people never fully trust their own government, but if people don’t at least believe in the system, then the system fails. Then where are we? Anarchy?

I mean, I said this earlier, but it bears repeating, is our era in the world ending, and another beginning?

A deep thought for a cold, foggy morning.


One Response to “Deep Thought”

  1. …is our era in the world ending, and another beginning?”

    I was working for my local police dept back in 1991 when I decided to start a charity self defense course for violent crime survivors.

    Crime was very high back then. The crack epidemic was at its height. The favorite M.O. of home invaders was to swarm in the house and take entire families hostage. Sexual crimes were particularly prevalent. And brutal. Gangs were using drug money to go national, with the LA-based Crips and Bloods even trying to start chapters in my home town of Columbus. People were getting caught in the crossfire as gang members battled over turf.

    Added to this was the deliberate hostility to firearm rights. The media was solidly anti-gun, laws against so-called “assault weapons” were becoming more popular, and the odd notion that privately owned firearms led to more crime was widely accepted. If you lived in a state were it was legal to carry concealed for your defense, you were one of the lucky few. Very few.

    What is it like now?

    Crime is lower than it has been in 30 years. The crack epidemic ended, and that particular poison is still around, but under control. Sexual crimes are also still around, but at a low ebb. The favorite M.O. of home invaders switched from shock-and-awe to overwhelm the family and take them hostage, to stealthy sneaking around while the family is asleep so the burglars won’t get shot.

    There are still gangs around, like Mara Salvatrucha, but they aren’t nearly as well organized, well funded, or well populated as the old street toughs. The idea that the Crips and Bloods could exert a significant influence in Ohio has become a silly joke.

    What really shocks me is how the attitudes towards private gun ownership have turned around. Anyone who owned a firearm back in 1990 was pretty much viewed as a muttering, sullen loner. A dangerous survivalist who was just aching for the big catastrophe so they could shoot their neighbors and start a slave plantation with the survivors. Now gun owners are considered to be mostly just folks to most people.

    And, of course, the attitudes towards concealed carry have enjoyed a turnabout that I could have never predicted or believed possible back in 1990. Even Ohio has a CCW law! My students can stop their attackers in their tracks without going to jail for illegal weapons possession!

    Are things perfect? No, they are not. But they are better than they were!

    Sometimes an ending is not a bad thing.

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