A question was posed to me, and I’m having debating it. Now that I’m 21, should I go ahead and get the over 21 license?

For those non-Texas visitors, this is what I mean.

In the state of Texas, people who are under the age of 21 have a verticle Driver’s license with the words “UNDER 21 UNTIL XX-XX-XXXX” at the top, as seen here:

Now, those who are over the age of 21 have a horizontal license, like this one:

Now, obviously I’m 21 and can buy things like adult beverages and ammunition, however, I’ve been hassled at places like Wal-Mart for having the “under 21” license and being 21.

So, the question is, would it be worth it to spend the $24 to get a new over 21 horizontal license, or should I just wait until 2012 when my license expires?

If I remember correctly, this issue was addressed when the new laws went into effect September 1st. Your license expires at the age of 18, and again at the age of 21, so that new DLs that are issued signifying the change of age and the change of rights (adult at 18, can buy alcohol and all ammo at 21).


7 Responses to “Question”

  1. Do you need to make any other changes; such as address?

    If you do, I would say go ahead if you are going to be at that address for a while.

    Saves hassle of you are stopped. Also remember that you have to update your CHL if you move. Also, it might look better at the Academy if you are squared away and up to date.

    • Nope. My address has always been my parents, mainly because my residence near the academy was/is/will be a temporary thing.

      I don’t have a CHL, so thats not an issue. I was accepted into the Academy with my current license, the only thing is once I graduate and get out on my own.

      The only reason for getting a new one is just so it doesn’t say UNDER 21.

      And yes, the license in first picture is my license. :P

  2. Then I say keep as much money out of the hands of the state government as possible. :)

    Wait until it expires.

  3. If it bugs you that much, just get the new license.

    If you renewed now and it didn’t have to be renewed again until what, 2017? then might as well do it now. But if you renew now and then have to renew again in 2012 well… maybe just wait.

  4. So what do I win? ;-)

    If the license would be good for the long term, I see no harm in getting it done now. You’ll be alleviated of the hassle, and hey… the price will never go down but could always go up.

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