New Store smell….

Hey gang,

There is an Academy opening up in San Marcos on Thursday, November the 5th, and I’ve decided to grace the store with my presence.

Okay, I’m not that conceited, but yea, I’ll be there to check it out, camera in tow.

But, this is where the debate starts. I believe that since this is the store’s grand opening, they will have fully stocked ammo shelves. Dad, on the other hand, believes differently. He thinks that the ammo would go to more popular stores, like those in San Antonio and Austin. Any thoughts on this?


2 Responses to “New Store smell….”

  1. I’ll split the difference.

    I agree with you that the shelves will be stocked but probably no where near what they should be for a new store.

    I think they will try to hook shoppers with some product and sales (think about your cash reserves) but until they know how product will move it won’t be flush to the walls.

    I worked at the Kids division of Big Retail Chain not to be named for 3 years. Most stores start with a standard allotment that is based on how stores around it have done. That allocation is changed as they see what flies off the shelves.

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