Ammo Shortages

Since your reading this, I will assume you enjoy shooting firearms. With that assumption, I believe you know about the ammo shortages going on. With that being understood and agreed upon….

I’ve been being a lot of .40 cal ammo when I can spare the cash. One thing I have noticed, is that the rounds I buy aren’t as “pretty” as they used to be. Even from manufacturer to manufacturer and lot to lot. I bought a box of Federal 180 grn FMJ recently, and the shell casings had little spots of discoloration, some of the bullets themselves had little nicks and stuff in the jacket. Not there long after, I bought a box of Winchester White Box .40 cal 180 grn FMJ, and it was similar. The bullets were in perfect condition, but on the bottom of the shells you could see a small ring of dirt where a machine had obviously stamped in the primer. The “Winchester” stamp on the bottom of most of the shells were kinda dirty as well, like there was a little dirt in them. Several boxes of Winchester that I’ve bought in the last couple of months have been like that.

That prompted me to look at the other boxes of ammo I have, and they are all in similar shape, from PMC Bronze to Blazer Brass to the aforementioned Federal and Winchester. One thing to note though, while the Winchester and others may be appear to be in rough shape, the bullets itself are in perfect condition, it’s just the shell casing. Now, all 3 boxes of Federal I have all sorts of little nicks in the bullets. If you would like me to show you the pictures I took, let me know in the comments and I’ll make a picture post showing examples.

Now, with the ammo I’ve bought not in perfect condition, especially the Federal, I decided to give the 3 American manufacturers of ammunition that I’ve purchased recently a call (Winchester, Federal, and Speer), to see what they had to say.

And basically, all 3 conversations were a variation on the same theme. Ammo production is running at maximum, distributors and stores are screaming for more, so something has to take a hit. One of the areas that has taken a hit is Quality Control. As the girl I talked to at Speer said, it’s not going to be as “pretty” as it once was, because of the increased rated of manufactering. I received assurances from all 3 that it would fit, feed, and function just fine, it just wouldn’t look as nice in the box.


One Response to “Ammo Shortages”

  1. As always, pictures are appreciated. I had a similar experience with Federal Fusion (.270) except that the bullet(s) had a flat spot on the end of each round that looked kind of like a little mushroom cap. It was almost like the lead (encased in a nearly full Copper jacket) was still liquid (or at least plastic) and that the rounds were stored point down while in this condition. The only three round group that I fired was at 100 yards for sighting purposes and a rifle that normally (for me) shoots about 1″ opened up to almost 2″. Being the lazy sot that I am, I just put them back in the safe to use later for “non-critical” application.

    As to the previous post, sorry to hear about “The Girl”, much more sorry to hear about the cat, the PT quals and the firearm. Hang in there.

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