Hey gang,

Sorry for the lack of updates. I promised one a couple nights ago, but didn’t live up to my promise, and for that, I am truly sorry. I had to move out of the apartment, and am living with my parents now. I didn’t make the PT quals to get in, so I have to wait for the next class and try again (which is in Janurary). The Girl broke up with me because of this, she wanted someone with “a future”, and she took her things and the kitten Scratch Fury, who has had his name changed to Apollo.

Sadly, she stole my 1908 VP, of which the police have been informed, but they said that there is little chance of recovering because I have no proof of ownership that makes it rightfully mine. I received it as a christmas present from my grandfather, but there is no proof that he gave it to me. There is no paper trail to link it to me, so it is pretty much gone for good.

I promise to have something worth reading tomorrow.



2 Responses to “Crapper”

  1. Jay

    I”m not sure but I think affidavits of witnesses to the transfer would be sufficient for charges.

    If there were several or even one person who saw your grandfather give you that 1908, then they can swear to that fact.

    Might want to ask the cops if that would work.

    Also look for pictures of it, either in your possession or your grandfathers. Not all evidence has to be text based.

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t get into the academy (this time) and that she broke up…her loose, not yours if she’s unwilling to stand by you

  2. Sorry to hear about all of this. If the PT was due to the ankle, I suppose just a little more heal-time and then getting back in shape is all it will require. If you want it bad enough you will make it.

    Frankly, if girl wasn’t willing to stand by you “through good times and bad, for better or for worse”, then good riddance to her anyway.

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