Risk Assessment

James took a couple online quizzes, one of your risk of being the victim of a burglary, the other of being assaulted.

For the burglary quiz, I scored:

Your total is -43.

(Less than 50) This score shows a low risk of burglary. The lower your score, the lower your chances of being burglarized. It seems you take many sensible precautions. Many who score 25 or less are apartment dwellers.Steel doors helped you a lot on this test. Make sure you keep them locked.Add a perimeter alarm on your house and reap the security benefits and lower insurance costs.Workers have seen what you have and where it is located. Dry wallers and painters, non-licensed contractors and pavers are notorious for coming back when you aren’t there. Limit more exposure inside. Most are honest, but…

This question cracked me up:

Do you have a noisy or mean dog that hates strangers? I had a laughed and thought, “Does a noisy kitten count?”.

On the assault quiz, I scored:

Your total is -21.

(Negative score) A minus score indicates that the criminal would be in danger FROM YOU. The greater the negative score…the greater the danger

I think the thing that hurt me the most for the assault quiz was I don’t carry a handgun everywhere.


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