Ammo Situation in Cali

As many of you already probably know, A-nold of the People’s Republic of Kalifornia has signed a bill requiring registration of those who purchase handgun ammunition.

I believe that will be the next big hot button. With Heller and the current Chicago case at the Supreme Court, the Brady group will eventually realize that trying to take away the guns aren’t going to work. So, they will attack the ammunition next. Either by getting exorbitant taxes placed on ammunition or requiring those who buy ammunition to register at POS. Because technically, we are keeping our right to bear arms, since we own them, we just can’t shoot them, which is what they want. After all, their AWB (which ironically is a misleading title) didn’t do anything to ban them, and many of their other tactics aren’t working, with people such as Bob S. poking holes in their “facts” and SayUncle going after some anti-gun groups.

So, as I said earlier, I believe ammo will be the next hot button topic.

I don’t know if I’m just in an evil mood, or if it’s because I’m listening to this:


One Response to “Ammo Situation in Cali”

  1. Jay,

    Thanks for the link. It’s greatly appreciated.

    I agree. I think that “gun control” is a losing proposition so many advocates will be looking for other means of attack.

    Expect to see calls for serialization, bans against hollow points, “high energy loads” and even “non-green” ammunition.

    All of these will be environmental or “safety” issues to hide the agenda

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