Scratch Fury: Destroyer of Worlds

Since James over at Hell in a handbasket linked (props to him!), I wanted to give an update on Scratch Fury: Destroyer of Worlds.

I took him to a local vet, where he was given all the necessary shots and a clean bill of health. The vet said that was the most imaginative name she’d ever heard, though I got it from my favorite web comic, PvP Online.

Litter box training has already begun, but he is a little slow on the uptake, much to my chagrin. I’ve discovered that oxiclean not only works wonders on my academy uniforms and regular clothes, but is handy at cleaning up the accidents left behind by Scratch.

Feeding, on the other hand, he has learned down pat. He’s not quite ready for dry food, but thats not too far away.

He sleeps a lot, and by a lot, I mean I believe I see him more sleeping than awake. One of his favorite places to sleep is at the base of my neck at the top of my shoulders. The vet said this is natural, as cats will sleep about 2/3rd of their lives, and he prefers my neck because it is a warm and comforting place to him. When he’s not sleeping on my neck, he loves to bed down in the cushions of my couch. I’m afraid one day he will bed down and I’ll sit on him.

However, when he is awake, he is always in a playful mood. However, the $50 the Girl spent on cat/kitten toys seems to have gone to waste, as he prefers playing with wadded up post it notes and receipts. He’ll bat a few around for a good 30-45 minutes, then nap for about double that, then it’s back to play time. However, like KCSteve commented in Mew!, it’s hard to physically play with him because he hasn’t quite mastered his claws yet. He’ll leave his claws out, then when your playin’ he’ll get you. Plus, the post it notes have tendency to shred  after a good play session because of his claws, which means I have to clean it up.

The Girl loves him, but was annoyed when I told her his name. Apparently, naming was something we were supposed to do together, and Scratch Fury: Destroyer of Worlds isn’t an appropriate name for a cat according to her.  I’m still not sold on the idea of having a cat, much less having to train and clean up after a kitten, but we’ll see where this goes.

I did find out why I ended up with the kitten, even though she was the one that wanted it. Her apartment complex doesn’t allow pets, but she called ahead and found that mine does. So, he is living with me now.

I’ll snap a pic of him later today.

2 Responses to “Scratch Fury: Destroyer of Worlds”

  1. hearsetrax Says:

    lol well he’ll grow on ya soon enough ….. I’ve had my share of most pets

    but come winter and when he reaches the one and two year mark … properly cared for and enough general perpose love is ….. he’ll be as loyal if not more so then any dog

    cheapest toys is the a formentioned crummpled bits of paper and foil on occasion

    just be gentle with the widdle shaver till he get to the curtain climber stage lol

  2. box training a cat is approximately 10 billion times easier than training a dog… I’m just sayin. :D

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