So the Girl showed up at my apartment an hour ago with a big bag from PetsMart and a wet kitten that looks like it got in a fight with a puddle of water and lost, told me to take care of it, and left.

Kitten is probably a few weeks old. It’s a boy. I didn’t want to take him, but the Girl said she wanted to keep it, so it ended up at my apartment (I’m serious).

I got the Kitten cleaned up, which loved the Girl’s hair dryer.

The Kitten hasn’t quite figured out my apartment yet. It’s hilarious to watch him on the linolium in the kitchen and the bathroom.

I’ve already got the perfect name for him: Scratch Fury, Destroyer of Worlds.

And I don’t even care for cats….


7 Responses to “Mew!”

  1. […] was blindsided by the gift of a kitten.  His girlfriend wants to keep it, so suddenly he has to take care of […]

  2. Unless completely horror show animals, pets will grow on you. Just watch!

  3. hearsetrax Says:

    lol cats R crazy critters …. but of all pets …. they R the most sincere

    good luck and remember they need to be picked on twice a day once they reach the imfamous certain climber stage of life

  4. Find a spot for the litter box you both think is good, estabiish where the food and water are, and you should be good to go.

    Teach him it’s ok to play with his claws out, then later teach him when it’s not ok. You can get him some toys but as I’m sure you’ve already found, for a kitten everything is a toy so mostly just sit back and enjoy the show.

    Bond with him now and you’ll have a good friend for life.

  5. “take care of it”

    So many ways to interpret that statement.

  6. Besides — if the kitten DOES turn into a horror show, just slather it up with some BBQ sauce while repeating the mantra: “Cats – the OTHER white meat”

  7. […] 30-45 minutes, then nap for about double that, then it’s back to play time. However, like KCSteve commented in Mew!, it’s hard to physically play with him because he hasn’t quite mastered his claws yet. […]

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