I keep trying to cock the hammer on my Glock. It’s a habit I got into playing with my USP while I surfed the Internet. I’d cock the hammer, then manually decock it by pulling the trigger and letting the hammer down manually (on an empty chamber with no mag in of course). The first time I did it, I freaked and thought, where in the hell is the hammer on my USP!?!?!….oh, it’s the Glock. I felt real smart after that one.

My ankle is healing up nicely, but I have to re-do the PT entrance exam for the police academy to prove I am in good enough physical condition. Sounds easy right? Not so much. The last time I practice and did the timed 1.5 mile requirement, I did it in 17:45. The limit for entry is 16:31. So yea, I’ve still got 2 more weeks to keep training and get my legs back into shape, but I don’t want to over do it and wind up killing my ankle all over again.

The hot water system in my apartment complex went kaput, so I’ve spent the last 3 days with no hot water, and probably will be without hot water for another day or two. I think the hot water system dates back to Roman times, because there is no manufacturer on the face of this Earth that makes parts for it, so every time something goes bad, a part has to be “custom fabricated to ensure a perfect fit”. No, not even those Chinese knock-off companies makes shit for it.

Of course, you may have noticed, I don’t post much about politics, and other such going ons. Mainly because of the fact that, other than the stupid bubble wrap and nerf laws, I really don’t have much beef with Texas laws. I do wish the CHL carry restrictions (where you can and can’t carry) were looser, but thats just a small personal gripe.


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