Pulled over, didn’t get shot, tased, or OC sprayed

I was on the way to the Girl’s early this morning, and got pulled over by a cop for having a brake light out. After he asked for my DL and insurance, I calmly told him that I had a loaded pistol under my seat. He asked me do you have a CHL? I responded nope. He said okay, I still need to see your DL and insurance. So, I got my wallet, gave him my DL and insurance, and off he went. He found out I was a cadet in the academy and asked me about the academy. He gave me a verbal for the brake light, and said drive safely. And off I went.

Honestly, the cop wasn’t phased in the least bit that I had a loaded firearm under my front seat and didn’t have a CHL. He never once changed his attitude, his demeanor, or his posture during or after I told him.

If police officers aren’t freaked out by the fact that I have a loaded pistol in my possession and could have it out and ready to shoot in a second or two, why are the antis so bothered by it?


One Response to “Pulled over, didn’t get shot, tased, or OC sprayed”

  1. I’ve been involved in this discussion with some other people whose opinions I trust because they’ve got the experience and background.

    It seems that your experience is biased because well… we’re in Texas. For the most part, folks here are used to it and the police know the realities.

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