Glock 23 Shoot

After some begging and pleading, I went to the academy range and shot my Glock 23.

It shot well. I’ve got one bad mag, but all it needs is a new spring. The trigger was nice and smooth, wasn’t excessively long or hard to pull.

The only issues I had were caused by the bad mag. It kept jamming the 11th and 12th rounds against the feed ramp. To get it to feed, you either had to rake the slide back or slap the bottom of the mag.

Though, I had fair bad couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a boat accuracy with it. I honestly don’t know what the problem is. Out of 65 rounds, I only put 35 or so on paper at 20 30 yards shooting unsupported. I shot 1 box of Winchester 180 grn and 1 box of Federal 180 grn, and accuracy was bad with both. The first 5 mags (at 13 rounds a pop) I shot unsupported 2 hand weaver, and it was all over the place. The last 2 and a half mags I shot supported, and same thing, though there was a pattern this time. Low and to the left. Supported and aiming for the eye, all the rounds I fired hit at 7 o’clock in the furthest rings on a standard target. So I’m not sure if it was the ammo, the sights, or the pistol. I’m open to any suggestions on what to do.

All in all, aside from the 1 bad mag and the bad sights, it shot extremely well, and once I get the sights fixed, it will serve my purpose perfectly.


5 Responses to “Glock 23 Shoot”

  1. All you can do is start eliminating variables.

    So you shot supported and that helped to isolate things, which is good. How supported was it? Mostly supported or fully? Can you get access to a benchrest that 100% supports the gun (takes you fully out of the equation save the trigger press)? Conversely, can you get someone else (or maybe multiple folks) to shoot the gun on the same benchrest? Point being to work to eliminate the human factors.

    If it’s the ammo, well, you did shoot multiple rounds from multiple boxes from multiple brands and received varying results, so it may not be ammo. But you can always continue to rotate the ammo through. For instance, get a 2nd “known good” gun and see if the ammo behaves in the same way or if things get better.

    Happen to have access to a laser bore sighter? You could always insert that into the gun then look through the sights and see how things line up.

    Or, just drop it off at the gunsmith. :-)

    Basically, you’ve got a lot of possible variables, so you just have to isolate each one and test that one variable out.

    • Well, I had to edit the post, because I found out today I wasn’t shooting at 20 yards, I was at one of the shotgun lanes and was shooting at 30 yards.

      The Glock 23 has on OAL length of 4.02 inches, though the effective length is only 2.75 inches. So I believe the reason for my inaccuracy at 30 yards was caused by the fact that I was simply shooting too far back. I’ve experienced the same “all over the place” accuracy with my 1908 VP when I shoot at too great of a distance.

      It was mostly supported. I stabilized myself on the table and divider between the lanes. Something else with the supported shooting, was I was actually at one of the 20 yard ranges for pistols. So that may have been why I was getting regularity with it.

      Now, for the accuracy while supported, I believe that was caused my having too much finger on the trigger. I had problems with that in the academy when I first started shooting Glocks, and it may have come back.

      I didn’t think about the laser bore sighter. I’ve got one too.

      I am going to wait to take it to a gunsmith until I can get some more testing done with it, like the tests you mentioned. I really need to rule out all the possiblities before I take it in.

      Thanks for the help!

      • Ah, so even more variables come into the mix now.

        Yeah, really the thing to do is eliminate variables one by one. It’ll take some time and testing, but it means time at the range which isn’t a bad thing. :-)

        Good luck.

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