Uncle vs Homeowners Assoc

I just got the phone with My Uncle. He lives in Pflugerville, which is a little Northwest of Austin. He owns  his own home, paying the mortgage, etc. With that said, he also has to be a member of a Homeowners Association.

Anyway, he called to tell me this.

 He has a tall tree thats near the side of his house. The problem is, the tree is dead. It’s losing bark left and right, the center of the tree is dead, and it has no leaves. However, the tree has this nice lean to it, which means when it finally falls over, its going right into his living room. So, he called a landscaping company to come and remove it. Somehow the Homeowners Assoc got wind of it, and told him he can’t have it removed until they call in a tree specialist (whatever it is that ends in -ologist and deals with trees) to declare it dead.

Here is the messed up part. He has to pay for the tree specialist. If the tree falls into his house, he has to pay for any damage done to his house, plus pay to have the tree removed. If he removes the tree without having it declared dead, the Homeowners Assoc will mostly likely file a lien against his house and have it foreclosed, plus he would have to pay a hefty fine.

All I can say, is holy shit. Now I remember why I hate Austin (sorry Hsoi).


2 Responses to “Uncle vs Homeowners Assoc”

  1. Arborist?

    No apologies necessary. Austin is losing it’s appeal to me because of things like this. I would say the above is more a symptom of the HOA but then you have to look at all the recent crud with the trees in Zilker Park and you realize it’s not just some HOA.

    It’s just silly tho… he needs an official certificate of death for the tree? Not like just looking at the tree is obvious. *sigh* What he needs to do is find an arborist with a sense of humor that’s willing to vouch for the dead tree in a smart-ass way. ;-) Maybe write-up the certificate along the lines of the Monty Python “Dead Parrot” sketch.

  2. It is symptomatic of our country in general. In many cities, including mine, you have to get permission from the city government to remove a tree.

    This applies not just to businesses which I can see to a degree, but also private homes which is ludicrous.

    If I ever win the lottery, I’m buying my own town.

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