As I posted yesterday, I’m in something of a pickle.

Here is said pickle.

I would like a new pistol. However, said pistol would be my overall use and abuse gun. Now, it doesn’t have to be brand new. I’d gladly accept a mil-surp, LE trade in, etc.

What I mean by “use and abuse gun”, this will be generic carry everywhere pistol. When I’m out at my grandfather’s ranch, in the car travel, etc. Something I can really get some use out of. Yes, I do have my USP, but with the extended barrel, and mags at $70 a pop, it’s too hard and expensive to carry concealed.

Here are some options I’m looking at:

1. Sig P–6 trade ins – Obviously Sigs are rockin’ pistols. Parts, mags, etc are still easy to come by, as well as there is a variety of 9mm Luger rounds out there. Only problems for me, is 8+1 is a pretty low ammo count, considering it’s a pretty big pistol, and it’s 9mm.

2. Makarovs – Maks have received an excellent reputation, though they aren’t without the occasional lemon. Easily concealable, so forth and so on. Problems for me:  9mm Mak is less powerful than the 9mm Luger round, parts can be hard to come by, not a lot of variety (i.e. JHP) for 9mm Mak, and I don’t see a lot of Maks for sale. If I do, they are Soviets and have a price tag of $450+.

3. Walther P.38/P1 – History speaks for itself here. Need I say more? Problems for me: Some can’t feed JHP rounds, no one makes a good Conceal Carry holster for it, and I have read it can be picky on FMJ ammo too.

4. Tokarev – I probably wouldn’t get a Soviet TT-33, but a Romanian TTC or the Yugoslavian model. Simplified Browning design, parts are easy to order for, mags are dirt cheap, and can easily defeat Class II body armor. Problems for me: Not a lot of variety of ammo (i.e. no JHP), sacrifices a wee little too much stopping power for penetration for me, no one makes a good conceal carry holster for it.

Now, that being said, I realize that there is a possibility I’ve forgotten about another pistol and really should consider it.

That being said, here are my criteria. I have $445 to spend MAX (this may change, wait for an update on this tomorrow afternoon) including taxes. I am going to the San Antonio SAXET Gun show on Sunday, so I will be able to haggle. Unfortunately, no mouse guns. I would like it to be fairly easy to conceal. I could conceal carry Dad’s Govt 1911 fairly easily without any problems, to give you an idea of what I mean by fairly easy.

So, I reach out to you, for your help in my decision. Please leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

5 Responses to “Delimma”

  1. Of the guns you listed, the P6 is probably your best bet due to the ammo factor. On top of that, parts, accessories, etc…. anything else on your list is just too obscure.

    That all said, I know a couple guys that tried a P6 and didn’t like it (I shot it, didn’t like it either). But if you want it for a beater gun, it’ll work.

    • I have several sources for P.38/P1 and Tokarev parts, such as Numerich, and other such gun parts stores.

      P6 parts are interchangable with P225 stuff.

      The only issue with Makarov parts, is you have to buy them all at once, like a parts kit.

  2. I have limited experience with the models listed, but a friend owns a Makarov that he is pretty happy with. I have a Springfield XD 45 w/ 5″ bbl that I like quite a bit and tote quite a lot. Granted, IWB with this pistol is a bit much, but I am relatively large framed and it conceals well enough in every season but summer.

    New, the Springfields are a bit out of your stated range, but used… Might could find a used XD 9 for a reasonable price. At least, if you haven’t handled one and you are going to the show, you might try one out.

  3. I’d skip the Tok as the retrofitted thumb safeties just block the trigger and are not appropriate for C&L carry, lowering the hammer for Condition Two is asking for an ND and awkward to cock on the draw, and carrying chamber empty turns your hand gun into a handSgun.

  4. Oh snap!

    Thanks Tam! I thought they come with a decocker, but obviously not. I can scratch the Tok off my list….

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