Cabela’s in Buda

As I posted earlier, the Girl treated me to a stop at Cabela’s.

This is the first time I’ve ever been there, so I must say, it was impressive. I tried to get a couple pics, but my camera was dead. Needless to say, I will be back to take pics.

The store is beautiful, of which it’s beauty is too hard for me and my vocabulary to describe. It’s a semi-2 story, meaning that the front 2/3rds of the store is open, and the back 1/3rd is covered by the 2nd story.

All of the male customer assistance people were not only very helpful, but very knowledgeable too. The only times I ran into issues was with the young college age chicks. About the only thing they seemed to be good for was standing there looking hot in tight jeans and half unbuttoned shirts, directing people to what section they needed (hunting, camping, etc). Any section specific help I needed (i.e. where is the pistol ammo?), they would refer me to a male worker, who would then help me.

Anyway, a majority of the outdoor stuff they had was overpriced. For instance, a regular size bottle of Coleman’s propane for their stoves was $2.75 more than Academy or Wally World. Their firearms, especially their pistols, were overpriced as well. I saw 2 LE trade in Glock 17s for $525 a piece! Springfield XDs were priced at $150 over what I could get as advertised at local dealers.

Now, on to what everyone is waiting for…..pistol ammo selection!

9mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45 auto were available in both JHP, FMJ, and Personal Defence ammo.

.25 auto, .32 auto, 7.62×25 Tokarev, 9mm Makarov, and .50 AE were available in FMJ only.

.357 Sig and 10 mm auto was available in JHP only.

However, you had to do some hunting to find everything. They had 2 dedicated shelf units for pistol ammo, but that wasn’t their entire selection. They also had several smaller shelves randomly placed at the end of the dedicated shelves. When I looked through the dedicated shelves, I couldn’t find any 9mm Luger FMJ. However, I found a shelf full of S&B 9mm Luger FMJ at the end of the black powder stuff.

No matter how much hunting I did, I couldn’t find ANY .380 ammo whatsoever.

While I was looking through the pistol ammo, the Girl said she’d give me $25 to spend on whatever I wanted. Seeing this rare opportunity to buy without guilt, I splurged and got a box of high end personal defence ammo. I bought Winchester Supreme Elite .40S&W 180 Gr. JHP Bonded PDX1. A box of 20 was $22.99 before taxes! Anyone have any experience with that kind/brand of ammo? I went with Winchester cause I’ve always had excellent luck with it, so I figured their high end personal defence stuff would be perfect for me.

Overall, I hope to go back again one day and get pictures. It was neat to go through and look around.

I’m in something of a dilemma too, which I will graciously be asking for help on. It’s past my bed time, so I’ll save that for tomorrow.

One Response to “Cabela’s in Buda”

  1. I’m fortunate to live close to that Cabela’s. I go there all the time.

    Prices sometimes can be more expensive, but I’ve also experienced times when they’re the cheapest around.

    Plus it’s just a cool store to go to. :-)

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