Meeting the Girl’s parents this weekend for the first time. I found out they are strict anti-gun. Any advice?

Also, I can’t find my 1908 VP. Thats the 2nd time this month I’ve lost it. I know it’s somewhere in the apartment, I just don’t know where. It’s got a full mag, but not one in the chamber. It normally disappears once a month, so I might just get it lo-jacked. :P

2 Responses to “Do’h”

  1. From the “No Shit Sherlock” files… If guns don’t enter the conversation, don’t inject them. If guns do enter the conversation, answer the questions honestly and objectively. Do not allow yourself to get flustered. And, don’t lead the conversation to places that you don’t want it to go…

    As I said… the Master of the Fruitin’ Obvious Files…

  2. If you haven’t read Steven Covey’s 7 Habits, this may be new.

    “Seek first to understand, then be understood”

    If the topic comes up, try not to argue but to find out why. Don’t be confrontational of course, but show as you honestly would…why they came to the opinion they did.

    I find that highlighting the commonality helps. “Oh, you are afraid the guns will be used in crimes. So do I, that is why I……”

    Ask for sources and resource, not to refute but to review. Maybe there is information you hadn’t considered. I’m sure you’ll find some that you have read…comment on those if they come up.

    Be who you are at all times, that is who your girlfriend likes. Her parents may not like your stance but if you are consistent it does more then trying to weasel into their good graces.

    Last tip, remember that you would like their blessing but don’t need their permission. The distinction is subtle but significant.

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