Whats missing?

I was at H-E-B earlier today, and found this in the $1 bin. It’s one of those boxed Old West Sheriff get ups for kids.

Whats missing?


Yep, no fake revolver, no nothing.

I’m not sure if this is pressure from anti-gun groups on the toy manufacturer, or simply “concerned parents” writing in.

Either way, I had a good laugh.


9 Responses to “Whats missing?”

  1. Hmm, they seem to think that the “West” occurred in Jolly Ole England instead of America.

    I would cry instead of laugh. Of course with kids, all they need is a few minutes for them to find, make or imitate a firearm.

  2. Cool for you DUDE. Linked from Say Uncle…great job

  3. That toy is tits-on-a-turtle. I used to play cowboy all the time with my SAA cap guns. I didn’t have a badge, a belt, or a vest. I had the important part.

    I did get a “Horse” which was just a selected stick that would be discarded at the end of the day.

  4. Ummmm.. let’s see – toy is advertised as Cowboy Play Vest. But since free gun isn’t included, this is the PC police. Incompetent ones that forgot to scrub the picture of the revolver from the top left of the package. Ok…

    • It’s advertised as a Cowboy Play Set with Vest, though it also says Sheriff on the package.

      Contents include: Play vest, eye mask, sheriff badge, and handcuffs.

      They give a kid everything they need to be an Old West Sheriff, except for the revolver, which defeats the purpose of playing Sheriff or even Cowboy. How is a kid Sheriff supposed to stop the bandit? How is the kid Sheriff supposed to stop the cattle rustlers or the Indians? Post a no tresspassing sign and scream at them?

      • Well, they could cut the revolver out from the package and use that, I guess. Assuming their folks were too cheap to by them the cap gun hanging on the next peg over for $2.99 including shipping from China, and probably marketed by the same company who’s selling the vest.

  5. Lol, true.

    Like Bob said though, kids could easily make their own.

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