More Nerf and Bubble Wrap, with a hint of awesomeness

As of September 1st, a myriad of new laws went into effect here in Texas. Here are a small part of them.

My favorite “Nerf and Bubble Wrap” laws are:

All Occupants of a vehicle, no matter their age or location in the vehicle, are required to wear a seat belt.

It is illegal to be on a cell phone while driving through a school zone, unless the vehicle is stopped or you have a hands free device (i.e. headset or bluetooth).

Personally, if you don’t wear a seatbelt, and are killed, I have no remorse for you. I feel sorry for your family’s loss, but you should’ve worn a seatbelt. I personally believe they need to repeal all seatbelt laws. If you are dumb enough to fly down the highway doing 70+ mph without a seat belt, you need to be culled from the gene pool. More oxygen for the rest of us.

The Awesomeness:

Concealed Carry: Student Loan defaults are no longer a disqualifier for Texas CHLs. DPS must suspend or revoke a license when the license holder becomes ineligible.  Judges must also suspend a CHL if the license holder is the subject of an emergency protective order. If your caught packing in a bar that derives more than 51% of its income from alcohol, and it is not legally posted, you can now use the defense of “the 51% warning was not legally posted”. DPS can no longer suspend a CHL if you fail to show the CHL to a peace officer, and because of that, all associated penalties are removed.

Driver’s License related: All applicants under the age of 18 have to take the Driving Skills exam. Increased penalty to CDL drivers if they are caught transporting illegal aliens, it was increased from a one year suspension to a LIFETIME disqualification. DPS can no longer issue a driver’s license or ID card to someone who doesn’t have a home address. The DL or ID can be delivered to a P.O. Box, but only if the applicant’s home address is listed.

Penal Code updates: Minors can now be charged with Public Intoxication (thank God!).

Misc: Texas residents are authorized to buy firearms, ammunition or firearms accessories in any other state, not just those contiguous to Texas, to reflect updated federal statutes.

I would like the CHL updates if I had a CHL, especially the 51% one. It isn’t often a state creates a defense for it’s CHL holders. The removal of the “failure to show CHL to a peace officer” really shouldn’t bother LEOs too much, because based on what I was told, your CHL status pops up on the screen when they check your DL.

More below the fold…

I love the new DL and Driving requirements. I’ve seen too many parents lie about what driving their child has and hasn’t done. If the parents are lying, it’ll pop up in the driving test. Plus, it’ll help reaffirm the fact that state troopers won’t bite you.

The Minor P.I. is a blessing. Mainly because, in Texas, a minor can have alcohol in a public setting if it is given to them by their parents. The waitress can’t physically give it to them, but the waitress can give it to the parents, then the parents give it to their minor. The problem with this, is most kids are lightweights. So, if you get one that is drunk, not much you can do.

All in all, other than the new Nerf and bubble wrap laws, I think we are headed down the right track.

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