My day off

They are training one squad at a time on some kept secret assignment, so I got the day off.

Dad was going through Lockhart a while back, and saw an antique store that had some signs posted saying: “Guns Buy, Sell, Trade!” So, with today being my day off, I poked around the internet and got the name of the store: Royals Antiques. I also found out they were a Kel-Tec dealer. I had a nice feeling about it, so I pulsed a couple hundred bucks from savings, hopped in my car, and off I went.

After spending quite some time on the road, I finally arrived at around 2:00 p.m. I checked the store hours, and saw they were open 9-12, 1-5. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. Weird. I knocked, but no answer. I then saw a sign that said “Be Back in 15 minutes”.

So I patiently waited in my car. 30 minutes later, I got out of the car, and tried again. Nope, still nobody. I peeked in the window, and what I saw was not promising. A bunch of bolt action .22s, a couple lever actions .30-30s, what looked like a .243, an all black saturday night special-esque revolver, and what looked like a two-tone S&W auto pistol. I saw no Kel-tecs, ammo, or any firearm accessories.

Here is the only picture I took:

If you want to try your luck, it’s at 401 Commerce St in Lockhart, Texas.

Feeling dejected, I decided to run into the small Wally World to see what they had for ammo.

Here is the sight:

Top shelf: 40 round high velocity varmit .223. Rest is .22lr

2nd shelf: Far left, in the back and in the shadow, a box of 50 7.62*25 Tokarev. Rest is .22lr and .17HMR

3rd shelf: All rifle

4th shelf: All rifle

5th Shelf: Box of .300 Winchester, 4 boxes of 100 value pack 165 grain FMJ 40 S&W (now they only have 3 :P)

6th Shelf: 16 boxes of 180 grain FMJ Federal 40 S&W, .410 handgun (never heard of this before), and .223.

So yea, 40 S&W and that dusty box of Tokarev was all they had for pistol ammo. The guy helping me was the asst manager in charge of sporting goods. An older guy came up and asked for a box of .38 special, but the asst manager said they were sold out, and weren’t expecting anymore in for 4-6 weeks.

I asked the asst manager about 9mm Para (a.k.a. 9mm Luger) and .45 auto. He said the 9mm they get every 2-3 weeks, and normally sells out in a day or two. He said the .45 auto they get every week and a half to 2 weeks, and normally sells out in a day.

He went on to say that most of the other calibers are when they get it, except in some rare cases where they know, like with the .38 special. .25 auto, .32 auto, .380 auto, and .357 mag were MIA, and he said he hadn’t seen a box of any of those on the shelf, in a shipment, or on an invoice for about 4 months.

He also said that there is supposed to be a meeting with the regional manager next week to discuss some new ammo policies. I’m not sure what that was about, as he wouldn’t tell me more, but there is certainly something in the works.

Anywho, I picked up a 100 box of .40 S&W Winchester for $33 and some change including tax.

And yes, if you look in the reflection of the display case, you can get a sneak peek of me. 

So, the trip wasn’t entirely a water haul, since I picked up some more .40 for my pistol. Now I just need a box of .25 auto.

But, it does go to show that while the shortage of ammo has gotten a wee tiny better, there is still a long ways to go.


2 Responses to “My day off”

  1. Just a suggestion, but small hideout guns seem to be popular. Since you have a need for .25 ACP ammo, seems to me that you probably have some experience in that area. Any chance that you might be thinking of sharing your experiences and gear choices?

  2. Hmmmm, I’ve never thought about doing that. I’ll write something up and post it up this evening. Thanks!

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