“…and he can cook too!”

I had the Girl (my girlfriend, she is about my age) and the Girl’s sister (she is in her mid-20s, meaning older than me) over for supper tonight. I was planning on just me and her, but her sister was in town, so she decided to tag along with her.

Being on a pretty tight budget (almost like being in college all over again….), I had to come up with something quick and not too hard on the wallet. Anywho, I came up with my old standby. It’s super quick, feeds 3-4, and cost me about $10 or so.

1 box of Kraft deluxe mac and cheese, 1 store bought package of Meyer’s Original Elgin Sausage, and 1 package of Jolly Green Giant Steamers Broccoli Cut.

Cook mac and cheese and the Broccoli as per their individual directions. Cut the sausage into individual links. Cut each link into halves longways. Pan fry the halves. Once the mac and cheese and broccoli are done, finely chop the broccoli, then add and mix in with the mac and cheese. Serve and enjoy!

I like to take a sausage half and put it in a piece of bread, and make kind of a mini sausage wrap. Normally if I’m eating by myself, I can get about 3 meals.

Mixing the broccoli with the mac and cheese is a pretty good way to get people who normally don’t like broccoli (i.e. kids), to eat broccoli.

The thread title comes from the Girl gloating to her sister, saying not only was I handy at fixing things, going into an honorable profession, but that I’m also a good cook (when I want to be).

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