Flame on!

Okay, it’s a day of firsts.

I received my first piece of reader e-mail today, which also happens to be my first piece of hate mail, for lack of a better term.

 This is the part in question:

What I really wanted was a box of .25 Auto for my 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol, since all the guys at the academy (cadets and instructors alike) seem to love it. But, being the world we live in nowadays, .40 cal it is.

Now, the reader who emailed me had this to say:


I believe you are doing pocket sized pistols a disservice by what you said in your article. While they are not known for their long range accuracy, such pistols can be used to great effectiveness in close quarters situations. I believe that by snubbing off the .25 and buying the box of .40s, you are effectively saying that the .25 is useless for a defensive situation, and that such pistols are novelties.

The email is rather lengthy, with supporting statements and the like, but that is the main argument.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my 1908 pocket pistol. However, in the type of violent situation I am most likely to be in, my .40 cal pistol is more adapt to serve me a lot better than my 1908 pocket pistol.

I live in an apartment. The furthest distance is 5 and a half yards, which is ironically from my computer chair to the front door. That being said, I’m only accurate with my 1908 pocket to about 3 yards, which is about standard from mouse guns based on what I’ve read. So, if someone broke down the door, with my 1908 pocket, I’d be praying I’m hitting him, much less hitting a vital area.

Now, my .40 cal has a 4.5″ barrel, and I’m accurate with it out to about 70 yards. So again, if someone broke down the door, with my .40 cal, I’d stand the best chance of hitting him with it. Not only hitting him, but hitting a vital area as well.

To add to that, many of the ‘tactical’ combat (if you call it that) articles I’ve read that involve mouse guns say you should really only use it as a means of aiding you to get yourself and/or others out of a dangerous situation, not to end a dangerous situation. In fight or flight, it should be used as a tool to help you flee. Now yes, there are situations where it is best to take a stand with your pocket pistol in hand, but it’s best to try and flee first.

Now, thats where the problem lies. In my apartment, I have to make a stand. I don’t have the option or the chance to flee. In fight or flight, my only option is fight. Therefore, I am going to go with the weapon that I know will end a hostile situation without a doubt, the .40 cal.

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