And the book opens a little more…..

I’m going to expand the about page, and thought I’d go ahead and post it up here since I’m still new here…

My name is Jay. I live in Texas, and love to shoot firearms. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I am 21, and currently attending a certain police academy to become a cop. I’m not married, but am in a serious relationship with my girlfriend.

For my family and I, firearms are a way of life. For as far back as we can trace it, my family has been shooting firearms, passing on the shooting way of life from father to son for many generations. I personally started shooting at the age of 6, with a Savage .22lr. I’ve still got the Savage, but when I was about 11, everything seemed to quit working. Dad and I mailed it to Savage, and they said it was no longer serviceable, that it would be cheaper to just buy a new rifle. Basically, I’d shot it so much the tolerances were too far gone. So, it makes a nice wall hanger as my first firearm.

Obviously, Dad got me into shooting. We still talk a bunch, and still go out shooting more than a bunch. I’ll mention him quite a bit, mainly because, like me, he has been shooting since he was in the single digits (He’s in his mid-40s), and since he was the one that introduced me into the world of firearms.

My blog title was supposed to be “Gunning in TX”, but WordPress decided it was going to be Gunning TX.


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